Monday, November 19, 2012

Queen Maria Cristina to hand throne over to Don Carlos

November 19, 1898

A curious story is making the rounds in diplomatic circles, which, "from its source, is entitled to some weight," according to the Associated Press.

It appears there will be a change in dynasty in Spain, and the change will be peaceful.  Queen Maria Cristina, regent for her young son, King Alfonso XIII, is said to be "convinced to the hopeless of her son ever reigning," and has been advised by the Austrian Emperor to leave Spain with her family. 

This will take place after the peace treaty is signed by Paris, which is expected to take place within a few days.

Don Carlos will be proclaimed as King.   Everything has been arranged, and " army and clergy are alleged to be agreeable to the change." 

As soon as "things are running smoothly, " Don Carlos will abdicate in favor of his son, Don Jaime.

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