Friday, November 16, 2012

Isabel Neilsen to marry Count

November 16, 1932

Isabel Neilson's engagement to Count Hermann von Ostheim was announced today in London by her parents, Francis Nelson of Chicago and Mrs C.O Neilson of Paris and Queensgate Terrace, London.

Mr. Neilson is the former MP for Hyde in Cheshire.   Miss Neilson's parents are divorced. Her mother is the former Catherine O'Gorman, whom he married in 1893. 

Neilson is a native of Birkenhead, England.  He resigned form Parliament in 19016, "after disagreeing with the policies of the British Government," reports the New York Times.

Count von Ostheim was born Prince Hermann of Saxe-Weimar, a third cousin of the late Duke Wilhelm Ernst of Saxe-Weimer. Prince Hermann was a notorious spendthrift who racked up large debts.  His precarious financial situation forced the Grand Duke to strip him of his title and succession rights.  He was created Count von Ostheim. 
  In 1909, he married Wanda Paola Lottero, an actress.  The marriage ended in divorce after only two years as Paola, who had an affair with King Constantine I of the Hellenes, got tired of having to support her husband.

In 1918, Count Hermann married Suzanne Aagot Midling, who died last October. 

The date of the wedding was not announced.

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