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More on the bolting archduchess

Marlene A Eilers Koenig Collection

November 9, 1912

The opinionated Marquise de Fontenoy has weighed in on the ruptured relationship between Archduchess Isabella of Austria and her husband, Prince Georg of Bavaria.

The young archduchess' refusal to return to the marital bed, having fled her husband only a few days after the wedding serves to recall that Prince Georg's mother, Archduchess Gisela, eldest daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph had "resolved to leave her husband, Prince Leopold of Bavaria," only days after their wedding in the spring of 1873.  The "active intervention of Empress Elisabeth and her mingled arguments and entreaties" led to Gisela consenting to remain with her husband.

Prince Georg, who spent some months in the United States a few years ago, is very much like his father, Prince Leopold.  He is said to be "extremely irascible, violent," and, according to the Marquise, "rather brutal."

He is also "rough-looking and so rough-mannered to have sometimes given great offense" to his grandfather's entourage of Austrian noblemen.  Emperor Franz Joseph had a lot of trouble with this Bavarian grandson.

Marlene A Eilers Koenig Collection

Prince Georg and his father, Prince Leopold, recently returned to Vienna this week, " endeavoring to bring about a reconciliation" with Archduchess Isabella.  The Emperor and other members of the Imperial family have also "sought to smooth over matters."

But the effort has been in vain.  Archduchess Isabella "absolutely refuses" to return to Munich to live with her husband or have anything "to do with him again."   She also wants the marriage to be annulled by the Roman Catholic church.

The Marquise also writes that the stories about the quarrel between the couple were not due to Archduchess Isabella's precedence at the Bavarian court.  She calls these stories "ridiculous and without the slightest foundation."

The only trouble over precedence this past year in Munich was the objection of Princess Leopold, the former Archduchess Gisela, who refused to yield precedence to one of her nieces, the wife of her husband's older brother, Prince Ludwig.

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