Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A son for Karl and Zita

November 20, 1912

Archduchess Zita of Austria, the wife of Archduke Karl, gave birth to a son before dawn at Reichenau, near Vienna, reports the New York Times.  The infant is the couple's first child. 

Archduke Karl is second in line to the Austro-Hungarian throne as the heir presumptive, Archduke Franz Ferdinand's marriage is morganatic. He and his wife, the Duchess of Hohenberg, are the parents of two sons and a daughter.   The children are not heirs to the dual thrones.

Thus, Archduke Karl, who married Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma, in October 11, follows his uncle in the succession.

Emperor Franz Joseph was awakened early this morning with the news of the birth.  He has said he will go to Reichenau "to act as godfather" to the infant archduke.

Archduke Karl and Archduchess Zita's marriage is said to be a love match.  They were able to marry "with the aid of Emperor, who frequently says he only wishes the younger generation to be happy."

The new baby is third in line, and may one day succeed to the throne.

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