Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tatiana Santo Domingo is pregnant

Tatiana Santo Domingo, the fiancee of Andrea Casiraghi, IS expecting a baby.  She told the Spanish magazine, La Voz Libre, that she is six months  pregnant.  She also said the baby is due in January.  The wedding will take place after the baby is born.

Under Monegasque law, the baby will gain succession rights after Andrea and Tatiana marry as legitimated children can succeed to the princely throne. But it would make a lot more sense if the couple had their civil ceremony before the baby is born.

Andrea's mother, Princess Caroline, knew to do the right thing on two occasions.  She was pregnant when she married Stefano Casiraghi and again when she married Prince Ernst August of Hanover.

If Princess Charlene does not have a child,  the succession will pass to Caroline and then her eldest son.  Princess Caroline needs to impress upon her son and his fiancee to marry in a civil ceremony before the baby arrives, and then wait to have the boho-chic religious wedding.

This will be the first grandchild for Princess Caroline.


julaine said...

The Grimaldi's have done some very convoluted rewriting of lineages and personal histories in the past to secure the the succession to the title and prevent the providence reverting back to French possession. Prince Rainier's own reign was the result of just such an arrangement. However, if Andrea and Tatiana (or more importantly Princess Caroline) really care about solidifying their offspring's legitimate claim then they are making a serious error in not marrying at least civilly prior to the birth. The family must be expecting Princess Charlene to produce at least one child and probably soon regardless of the rumors that persist in the tabloids.
If not, how would an illegimate offspring of Andrea Casiaghi (even if his or her parents later married) fight a legal challenge against the two illegimate offspring of Prince Albert? Neither of those children have been raised with an expectation to be part of the larger Grimaldi family unlike Caroline or Charlotte's children.

Albert needs a legitimate heir and this situation just emphasizes the pressure he and Charlene must be under. Congratulations to the expectant parents, now go help your Uncle out and make a trip to city hall. I'm sure that your family and friends will still be thrilled to throw you the Boho Woodland Barefoot Chic Wedding of your dreams next summer and you will have the added advantage of all the pressure being off.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Monaco's law mirrors French law. The succession law forbids the succession of illegitimate children, but not legitimated children. Stephanie's two older children acquired rights after she married their father, but the youngest child has no rights because Steph never married the father.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

julaine said...

That covers the succession but what what about inheritance? French law is much more rigid about inheritance and property rights if I remember back to the dim recesses of my international law research from the mid 80's. Of course, how that is effected by the fact that Prince Albert is a reigning sovereign of his own Principality and may have settled matters with both mothers to exclude them but he is a very wealthy man in his own right and these two children deserve to be acknowledged as part of the larger Grimaldi family at a minimum.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Alberta's two children have rights to a percentage of his personal fortune. He certainly tried to deny Jazmin during his father's lifetime. But they have no rights in terms of non private party