Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yugoslav wedding date is set

March 20, 1922

The marriage of King Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Marie of Romania will take place in the middle of July, according to the Associated Press, which received its information from government sources.

The wedding was originally scheduled for May, but May is "popularly regarded in Serbia as an unlucky month."  The King is not superstitious, but "was obliged to defer to the general idea.

The date was then moved to June 4, but the Patriarch pointed out that this "was a period of fasting for the church.  Another family meeting was held and King Alexander and Princess Marie's family agreed to move the wedding to mid-July.

The Yugoslav people are said to be delighted with the match, and see the marriage as a "step in the right direction of peace in the Balkans."

Workers are rushing to get the Royal Palace in Belgrade ready in time to accommodate the royal guests. 

The King and his new bride will probably honeymoon on the Dalmatian coast.

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