Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prince Louis of Monaco rebukes son-in-law

March 22, 1936

Prince Louis of Monaco has revoke the guardianship "conferred upon Prince Pierre upon his divorce" from Prince Louis's daughter, Princess Charlotte.

Prince Pierre has lost custody of his daughter, Princess Antoinette, due a "reported dispute" between them. 

The custody agreement, drawn up by the late Raymond Poincaré, at the time of the divorce of Princess Charlotte and Prince Pierre,  arranged for Princess Antoinette and her younger brother, Prince Rainier, to spend six months of each year with their father, and six months with Prince Louis.

Two weeks ago,  the six months time with Prince Louis was over, and Princess Antoinette returned to her father's home in Paris.  But only one week later, the Princess was back on Monaco.  All sorts of rumors began to fly about the principality.

There were reports that the Princess was kidnapped by her grandfather or that she had runaway from her father "because he objected to her manner of life."

It turns out that the second story was true.  The Monaco court issued a statement tonight saying that Princess Antoinette "had appealed for her grandfather's protection."

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