Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Grand Duke of Hesse has died

March 13, 1892

Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and By Rhine died at 1: 15 this morning.  The family knew at five p.m., last night that the end was near, reports the New York Times,

The Grand Duke's family and government ministers were at his bedside when he died.  His only surviving son, Ernst Ludwig, succeeds to the Grand Dukedom.

His death was "peaceful and painless."  The Court in Berlin has announced three weeks of mourning.  Wilhelm II is unlikely to attend the funeral, due to his health.  Empress Friedrich, the late Grand Duke's sister-in-law, will probably attend the funeral.

The death has also caused "great grief at Windsor, where the deceased was a great favorite."   Queen Victoria will send her second son, the Duke of Edinburgh, to represent her at the funeral.  She will also delay her departure to the Continent "as a mark of respect" for her son-in-law.

Ludwig IV was born September 12, 1837.  He succeeded to throne when his uncle,  Grand Duke Ludwig III died on June 13, 1877.  On July 1, 1862, he married Princess Alice, second daughter of Queen Victoria.  She died on December 14, 1878.

He is survived by his son, Ernst Ludwig, now the Grand Duke, and four daughters:  Victoria married to Prince Louis of Battenberg; Elisabeth, the wife of Grand Duke Serge of Russia; Irene who is married to Prince Henry of Prussia, and Princess Alix, who is still at home.

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