Friday, March 9, 2012

Princess Eitel Friedrich flouts her lover in court

March 9, 1922

Prince Eitel Friedrich and his estranged wife, Sophie Charlotte, are involved in the "most amazing divorce suit in recent history," reports United Press. 

The prince, second son of the former kaiser, is "pictured as a complacent husband who permitted his wife to maintain intimate relations with Baron von Plettenburg, an officer in the Prussian guards."

This information was revealed in the opening day of the court's proceedings in Berlin.   Berlin newspapers have suppressed the revelations, which were published today in British and American newspapers.

Princess Eitel Friedrich, named as a co-respondent by the Baroness von Plettenburg, "flaunted her love for the baron in the face of court," and openly acknowledged her relationship with him.   She denied that the affair ended before the baron married the woman has brought forth the suit.

Without any hesitation, the former Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg admitted that she knew the Baron even before her marriage to Prince Eitel Friedrich.  Her affair "with the full knowledge of Prince Eitel."  She told the court that her husband tolerated "the situation" because the baron "was a friend and an officer in the Prussian guards."

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