Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The most beautiful princess in Europe

Can you guess who it is?   Romanians regard Crown Princess Marie "with justice, as the most beautiful Princess in Europe," writes the Bucharest correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.   She and Queen Elisabeth, better known as Carmen Sylva, "are adored because of their simple, human ways and their whole-hearted sympathy with the poor and needy."

Crown Princess Marie, married to Crown Prince Ferdinand, heir to the throne, speaks "the melodious Romanian language without a trace of foreign accent, and with the idiomatic accuracy of a born Romanian."

Just a day or two ago, the Crown Princess was out riding in a public park with her two young daughters, Princesses Elisabetha and Marie, when they met two Wallachian peasant children "selling basket work and rough brooms."   The royal party stopped, as Crown Princess Marie asked the children where they lived.   They responded by saying that their home was only "a short distance from the city."

The next day Crown Princess Marie and her children, bringing food and clothes, to the Wallachian family, whose happiness was increased when the Crown Princess "commanded" that the children come to Palace, where they will instruct her children "twice a week in basket making."


Anonymous said...

Do you have the date when this issue of Los Angeles Times was published? Tnx in advance! :D

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

nov 2, 1908