Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Former archduke's wife sent to an asylum

March 7, 1908

Wilhelmina Wolfing, the former wife of ex-archduke Leopold Salvator, has been taken to an asylum, reports the New York Times.   According to the dispatch from Vienna,  Mrs. Wolfing recently purchased a revolver "with which she threatened to kill her former husband and his brother."   Doctors have declared her insane.

Former Archduke Leopold Salvator "gave up his expectations and honors" several years ago when he married Wilhelmina Adamovic.  He assumed the surname Wolfing.

Soon after the marriage,  Wilhelmina began to exhibit several eccentric traits.  She "offended her husband" by joining the Ascona Anchorites, and, "in accordance with whose tenets she became a vegetarian."   She also would go without clothes, taking "sun baths," and acquired other eccentricities.

This behavior led Leopold to sue for a divorce, which was granted last July.

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