Friday, March 16, 2012

A million visitors for Royal Musings!!!!

Earlier today, one visitor -- don't know who or where -- became the one millionth visitor to Royal Musings since I began the blog in July 2008.  Thank you, whoever you are!  You could be one of my daily or weekly readers or even a newbie who stumbled across the blog through a search engine or a link.

I am glad you came!  Come back!  Browse through the older posts (and the photos are back, at least most of them -- that was a painstakingly painful process!)

I know there are blogs that get millions of hits each day or each week.  But there are also bloggers who will never hit one million visitors.  I am not bragging, but I am chuffed to bits! 

I am going to London in late May for a week -- yes, for the Diamond Jubilee -- so please, please use the Amazon links to shop (especially the US Amazon.)  You can get almost anything, even porn, through Amazon.  It doesn't cost you anything extra, but for every purchase made through one of my links or through my Amazon search boxes, I earn a percentage of the sale.  The money comes from Amazon!  More sales each month, a higher percent for me. 

My goal, perhaps too lofty, is to earn $1000 through Amazon between now and June.  That will cover a good chunk of my hotel.  In order for that to happen, you must go through my links.  Help share Amazon's profits with me!

Thanks so much!   Thanks for reading Royal Musings!

4 comments: said...

Congrats to your Hits !!!!

KTomaine said...

Check out this site:

I follow the blog of Tom Moore, who runs this flat rental company in London. I haven't used it, but looked at severl of his listings, great locations and very reasonable rates, you might find something less expensive than a hotel for your trip.


Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks Kevin, one flat available for my time ... at $450 per night! That is more than twice per night for what I want to pay ..

John said...