Saturday, March 17, 2012

Princess Thyra vs the mistress

credit: Desiree Nick
A Berlin regional court has ruled that Princess Thyra of Hanover cannot state that entertainer Desiree Nick, 55, was not her husband's mistress.  At a book launch in April 2011,  Desiree Nick presented herself as Prince Heinrich of Hannover's mistress.  

Prince Heinrich was in Potsdam for the launch of his firm's book, Kaiser Kinder.

Princess Thyra, who has been married to Prince Heinrich, the younger brother of Prince Ernst August since 1999, disagreed with Nick's comments, saying that the comments were staged, and she sued Desiree for libel.   She lost the case.  Prince Heinrich also failed in an attempt to see an injunction against Desiree's comments about their former relationship.

The new court ruling forbids Princess Thyra from contradicting Desiree Nick's statements about her relationship with Prince Heinrich.  

The court ruling acknowledged that "it is undisputed that the plaintiff had a relationship with the Prince, which no longer exists." 

Desiree Nick was jubilant after the ruling was announced.   This case was about "the restoration of my credibility.  The statements of the princess are an attack on my livelihood.  I am the one feeding our son."

Prince Heinrich is the father of Desiree's 15-year-old son, Oskar, although he does not maintain a relationship with his son.  He did not accept paternity until several years after Oskar's birth, and Desiree forced the issue.

Princess Thyra will face a fine of 250,000 Euros if she chooses to publicly contradict Desiree Nick's statements about her relationship with Prince Heinrich.

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