Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Princess Estelle's baptism

HRH Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden will be baptized on May 22 at the Slottskyrkan.  The names of the godparents have not been announced, but it is a good guess that the infant princess will have four godparents.  Crown Princess Victoria and her siblings all have four godparents each.

My predictions:   The Prince of Orange, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark,  Anna Westling and Prince Carl Philip.

The Prince of Orange is the most obvious choice. One of King Carl XVI Gustaf's godmothers was the late Queen Juliana (they shared a birthdate).   Queen Beatrix is Victoria's godmother.  Victoria is one of Princess Amalia's  godmother.  (King Carl XVI Gustaf is not one of of Willem-Alexander's godparents.)

One of Princess Amalia's names is Victoria in honor of her godmother.  Thus, Mary is likely to honor Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

Two days before the Swedish baptism,  the infant daughter of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will be baptised at the Mogeltonder church.  No predictions on the names, although it is likely the princess will have four names.  One will be Francoise (for her maternal grandmother) as the princess's brother, Henrik, has the name Alain for his maternal grandfather.)

I am not sure what the first name will be, but Thyra would be nice.  However, I expect the other three names to be Margrethe Francoise Odile.


Michelle said...

wouldn't the timing of the two baptisms make it unlikely that the Danes would choose a Swede or the Swedes choose a Dane? i know the countries are close to each other but still. the Crown Prince couple would be expected at the Danish princess's baptism. i know it's fairly certain that Victoria will not be involved with the Danish princess, but for CP Mary to be at both, well, of course it's possible but not very smart on whoever arranged it.

what do you think? I defer to your infinite wisdom on royal matters. ;-)

and can i just say, isn't the Danish princess going to be slightly older than the usual when she is Christened? i have been wondering what was up with that...

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...


The flying time is about 1 hour ten minutes between Copenhagen and Stockholm. This is not an overnight - come for the baptism, have lunch, go back to airport, home in time for dinner. This is hardly a stretch. The Danish baptism is on Thursday evening, held in a small church with a lot less people .. Crown Princess Mary is a guess but I cannot think of any other Mary (as it is not a Swedish name)

megknight said...

I agree Marlene - plus, they wouldn't change the choice of godparents because they can/cannot attend the ceremony.