Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Count Georg Konstantin Fugger von Babenhausen

Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia may have been pining for the young Hereditary Count Fugger von Babenhausen, but the count, knowing that there would not be a marriage with the Kaiser's daughter, quickly moved on.

Several weeks before reports of the unhappy princess were published,  the Marquise de Fontenoy noted in her column on March 8, 1912, that there were rumors of a marriage between Georg and Nancy Leishman, the daughter of the American ambassador to Germany. 

But there was a hitch in the romance.  The count was not good enough for Princess Viktoria Luise, and Miss Leishman apparently did not "possess the genealogical qualifications" to become Georg's wife.  If Georg married Miss Leishman, he would have to "renounce his rights as a scion of a mediatized dynasty and descend to the rank of an ordinary noble.  He also had the option of a morganatic marriage, which would deprive his wife and children of his title and name.

Alas, for Count Georg,  the very pretty Miss Leishman was more interested in his good friend, the Duke of Croy.

His Illustrious Highness Count Georg Konstantin Heinrich Karl was the second child and eldest son of H Ill H Karl Georg Ferdinand Jakob Maria Prince Fugger von Babenhausen and HSH Princess Eleonore of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein.  He was born at Odenburg on July 24, 1889.

Georg married Countess Elisabeth von Plessen on February 10, 1914.   He succeeded his father as Prince on July 5, 1925.   He died at the family's home, Schloss Wellenburg on August 1, 1935, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Friedrich Carl (1914-1979.)

Friedrich Carl was succeeded his second son, Hubertus (1946) who is married to Princess Alexandra of Oetttingen-Oettingen und Oettingen-Spielberg.   The eldest son, Prince Carl-Anton renounced his rights in 1970.)

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