Friday, March 23, 2012

Judges go to the palace in the Elena Sanz affair

March 23, 1908

The judges in the Elena Sanz affair called at the palace in Madrid today to hear "take the evidence" of Queen Mother Maria Cristina, according to an Associated Press. 

Sanz was a Spanish actress who was involved in a relationship with King Alfonso XII.  The late king fathered her two sons.   These two children are now suing the late king's heirs "for an annuity which they claim was left to their mother by the King and which was to revert after death to them."

Queen Maria Cristina told the judges that two days after the death of her husband, that the chief of the Royal Household was told that Elena Sanz "had in her possession certain letters from the late King."    The publication of these letters would "cause a scandal."

Elena Sanz was willing to give up the letters for $15,000.  The Queen trusted Sanz' representative, who received $1000 for his services in the matter.   The letters were said to be destroyed. 

The present suit of Elena Sanz's children is "based entirely upon the letters identical with those which the Queen paid to have burned."

The case will go before Spanish Supreme Court.

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