Thursday, March 22, 2012

Princess Anita de Braganca to remarry

March 22, 1946

Princess Anita de Braganca and Lewis Gouverneur Morris today obtained a marriage license in New Rochelle, New York, reports  the Associated Press.  They will be married at St. Ann's Church in New York City on April 10.

Mr. Morris is a former Wall Street banker.  His future wife is the widow of Prince Miguel de Braganca, son of Dom Miguel, pretender to the Portuguese throne, and grandson of King Miguel, who ruled Portugal from 1923-1934.

The former Anita Rhinelander Stewart and Prince Miguel were married at Tulloch, Scotland, in 1909.  Prince Miguel died in 1923.

Princess Anita divides her time between New York City and Newport, Rhode Island.  Mr. Morris is a descendant of Lewis Morris, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  His first wife, Nathalie Lorillard Bailey, died several years ago.

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