Thursday, March 8, 2012

Infanta Eulalia:"grateful to America"

March 8, 1896

The Madrid  correspondent for the World newspaper was "graciously received today" by Infanta Eulalia of Spain.  The journalist extended the World's "capable request that she should give to the American people her views upon the present international crisis."

Infanta Eulalia has been advised by the Prime Minister, who received the Queen Regent's "willing assent," which is "indispensable for any communication with a Princess of the blood royal."

The Prime Minister informed the correspondent that he could meet with the Infanta, who, according to her own words, is "delighted to have an opportunity to show that I cherished pleasant recollections of my visit to the United States."

The interview took place at the palace in Madrid in a "beautiful gallery filled with rare plans and antique furniture."    The interview with conducted in English.

"You need not apologize for troubling me, as I am glad to find this opportunity to show how much I appreciate America," Infanta Eulalia said.  She spoke in glowing terms of the American people and of the World's Fair.

Before the correspondent left,  Infanta Eulalia pointed out several photos on a wall.  "This one is of Mrs. Cleveland, who is so lovely and so kind."

The Infanta was asked if she liked American women.  "Oh, yes, they are so bright, so intellectual, and were so hospitable and kind to me."

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