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Anita will never been queen

March 9, 1912

The former Anita Stewart, now the wife of Prince Miguel of Braganza, will never become Queen of Portugal, according to a special cable to the New York Times, which based its report on an article in the Excelsior, a French newspaper.   The article in the Excelsior was written by a Portuguese contributor Joaquim Leitao, who interviewed by "phonographic record," Mrs. J.H. Smith, the mother of Princess Miguel.

The interview took place in France.  Mrs. Smith said: "I have been consulted relative to my intentions in the event of the restoration of the monarchy in Portugal. People are anxious to know if I would love with my daughter in Portugal, if she was to be Queen or if I would give funds for a counter revolution.

"Before replying to these questions I wanted full information as to what happened at the interview of ex-King Manoel and Prince Miguel at Dover.  This is what I was told:
"1. Miguel, recognizing the gravity of the Portuguese situation, surrendered his claims to the throne and offered Manoel help in restoring the monarchy.
"2. Miguel and all the members of his family will be allowed to return to Portugal as members of the Royal Family.
"Three - as to the succession, of Manoel has no direct heir, the throne will go to Dom Afonso, Duke of Oporto, who has already taken the oath as heir presumptive.
"Four - Even if Dom Afonso had heirs, the throne would next devolve on one of the sons of Dom Miguel.
"Five - As the eldest son, Prince Miguel, through his marriage with an American, renounced his heritage, and the throne would go to the third son, the Infante Dom Duarte.
"Six - This agreement shall be submitted to Parliament.
"As to my daughter," Mrs. Smith added, "I can say this: by the terms of the agreement Dom Miguel's eldest son, by his marriage with an American, renounced the throne; therefore I see no necessity for me to finance an attempt at a revolution to restore the monarchy, which might lead to my daughter's divorce."

Anita Rhinelander Stewart married Prince Miguel of Braganza on September 15, 1909 in Scotland.  She is the daughter of William Rhinelander Stewart.   After her parents' divorced, her mother married James Henry Smith.    Anita inherited a large fortune from Mr. Smith after his death.  

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