Friday, March 30, 2012

The Gleichens: the Unknown Royal Cousins

Lord Edward Gleichen "Glick"
It has taken some time but I finally completed work on an article on the Gleichens.  It is a bit long, too long for Majesty and similar magazines.  Plenty of research has gone into this article.  It is also too long for this blog.

I have decided to offer the article for sale for people to purchase and read.  It will be available in a PDF form to be sent to buyers by email.  Please be assured I will not be harvesting emails or saving them.  The emails will be deleted after the article is sent.

The Gleichens: the Unknown Royal Cousins  (Kindle)

So who were the Gleichens?  Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, third son of Queen Victoria's older half-sister, Princess Feodore, fell in love with and married Miss Laura Seymour.  The marriage was morganatic, and Laura was created Countess Gleichen.  They had four children, Feodora, Edward, Victoria, and Helena.

One was a sculptress, one a lesbian (and a painter), one a singer, and one made major contributions to the development of Britain's military intelligence network.

The Gleichens were always the first in the royal processions, due to their status as the bottom of the royal rungs. 

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When you purchase the article, you have the right to read it and enjoy it.  You can recommend the purchase to other people.  Hey, I am up front: I am trying to earn extra money for my trip to London.  I am honest. I am an academic librarian who has not had a raise in five years!

The price of the article is $10.00.  The article is more than 40 pages long.  Very few illustrations due to the high cost of securing rights to photos of the Gleichens.


Unknown said...

I;m not clear on how long it can stay in your e-mail. Also, other than printing it, can you save it?

Robby G.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

You can save it in your emails (all email servers have places where you create files and put emails there.)

cyndi phillips said...

So far its fascinating reading! You should do more of these types of articles. It might bring in some more extra money. You should also post on royal books news blog. some people may not isit both sites. Anyway, again great reading.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks Cyndi .. there is a link on RBN .. and I hope to have it up on Kindle for e-readers in the next day or so.