Monday, December 15, 2008

what a fuss about BYOB

I don't understand why people would get into a snit about bringing a bottle of wine to a party. It is customary here in the US to bring a dish or a bottle when invited to a party. I am going to two parties this weekend. I will bring a seven-layer Fiesta dip with tortilla chips for the first party, and the second party, I will be making an appetizer that will involve shrimp and prosciutto.


glamah16 said...

Funny, I would think that would be common in Europe too. People just assume a title brings unlimited funds.This weekend we were invited to a similar. I brought Christmas cookies and sweets and the boyfriend brought beer. Not one guests brought anything! Pissed us off. Thankfull the hosts had a full bar, but he was trying to offset depleting it.

Anonymous said...

If I received a printed invitation to a party that was taking place in a palace, I would not expect to have to provide any food/drink.

BYOB means bring your own beverage i.e., what you plan to drink yourself. By specifying vodka, Freddie expected his guests to furnish drink for the entire party.
Tacky, tacky, tacky.