Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prince Francis of Teck to be a stock broker

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December 11, 1902

In her column in the Chicago Daily Tribune, the Marquise de Fontenoy reports that Prince Francis of Teck is about to become a member of the stock exchange.He would not be the first relative of the royal family to dabble in finance. The Duke of Fife, who is married to King Edward VII's daughter, Louise, is one of London's leading bankers.

However, it is hoped that Francis "will be careful about his dealings. His sister, Mary, is the wife of the Prince of Wales, who is the heir to the British throne. It "would impair the prestige" of the British royal family if Prince Francis was unable to "fulfill his engagements on the stock exchange." He has already gotten into trouble on the racecourse, when his family had to come to aid to the tune of $50,000. However, the stock exchange is largely the last opportunity open to "an impecunious prince in England," who has left the army, and "for whom there is no opening in the church."

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