Monday, December 15, 2008

Princess Heinrich of Reuss arrives in NYC with son

December 15, 1908

After a record breaking trip over land and sea to reach her ill son in Havana, Princess Heinrich Reuss sailed into quarantine today aboard the steamer Havana. She is accompanied by her son, a German officer, who had been taken ill and needed surgery in Cuba. He served aboard the Charlotte, which was stationed in Havana's harbor.

When she first received word of her son's illness, she traveled to London to catch the first boat train where she barely made it time to board the Lusitania en route for New York. As the ship passed Sandy Hook, New Jersey, the princess was able to disembark and get on a tug to take her to the railroad station in Jersey City, where she caught a south-bound express train. The final leg of the journey was made by a steamer from Key West to Havana. Officials in Washington had given permission for the special disembarking so the princess could catch the train.
Princess Heinrich and her son will return to Europe next week.

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