Thursday, December 11, 2008

No official honors for Victoria Feodorovna

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 December 11, 1924

"Careful plans" have been made for Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna's visit to Washington, D.C., where society leaders will treat her as if she were a reigning empress. All sorts of pressure has been put on Washington officials refused to give the visit an "official flavor." The State Department "sat tight," and apart from a small honor guard of policeman, which were provided by the City government, the Grand Duchess did not receive an official welcome to the Nation's capital when she arrived at Union Station.

The Grand Duchess' hosts also requested that she be should be welcomed to the capital in the President's room at Union Station, where dignitaries receive the official welcome of the American government. Instead, Victoria Feodorovna, who is a British princess by birth, had to walk through the main waiting room with everyone else.

The Grand Duchess was taken straight to her hotel. In the evening, she was the guest of honor at a ball in aid of Russian relief.

During her two-day visit, the Grand Duchess will attend several events, where she may meet government officials, but only in a social setting.
There are no plans for the Grand Duchess to meet President Coolidge. Nor will the First Lady be at any of the social events as she is out of town.

The American government has not recognized any government for Russia, so it would be impossible to "take official notice" of the visit of a Russian Grand Duchess, even if she is a British princess and the sister of Queen Marie of Roumania.

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