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It's Abdication as Edward quits throne

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December 10, 1936

Today at Fort Belvedere, King Edward VIII signed the act of abdication with his three brothers, the Dukes of York, Gloucester and Kent, as his only witnesses. His decision to renounce his throne for love will be "final and irrevocable." Edward will remain king until tomorrow when Parliament passes the Act of Abdication, and he signs it.

His reign will have been the shortest in 453 years, and the first English or British sovereign to have left on his own accord.

His brother, Prince Albert, Duke of York, will succeed as king, although it is likely that he will reign as George VI. The choice to use George has a reason, reports the New York Times. Once "this storm is over and the skies are clearing," Britain -- and the empire -- will want to get back to "ordered and quiet stability of the monarchy under the last king George."

Edward's position as a ex-King "are full of uncertainties," but he does not appear to be bothered by this. Officials describe the king as "cheerful" as he goes about supervising the packing of his belongings and dealing with State papers.

His financial position will not be known until early next year, when Parliament will prepare a new Civil list. It is understood that Queen Mary and her other children chipped in from their personal funds until the "nation has made some provision for their former King and Prince of Wales."

The King will give a radio broadcast tomorrow night at 10.p.m. The BBC will provide world-wide hookup, and American radio stations will broadcast the speech at 5 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

The soon-to-be ex-king will be leaving Britain after his speech, but is not expected to join Mrs. Simpson in Cannes, although it is expected that the two will finally wed once her divorce becomes final next spring.
Here is the text of the letter that the king sent to Prime Minister Baldwin and Parliament:,,127051,00.html

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