Friday, December 26, 2008

New evidence??

What is Christopher Wilson smoking? The British writer is at work on a biography of the late Prince George, Duke of Kent, and claims he has uncovered new evidence about plans to bypass the Yorks and give the throne to the Kents in the abdication crisis in 1936.
Memo to Wilson: This is not news. This is not new information! This was openly and publicly discussed on both sides of the Atlantic in December 1936. There are references to the possibilities in the New York Times and other newspapers. Historians and biographers have mentioned the topic in their works.
It would have taken an act of Parliament to change the succession, and excludes the Duke of York and his daughters and the Duke of Gloucester. The Duke of Kent was married to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, and they had an infant son, Edward. But the duke also had a closet full of scandals with young men and women, and had also suffered from drug abuse problems.

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