Thursday, December 11, 2008

Constantine gets the call

December 11, 1920

King Constantine has received the official results of the plebiscite that has restored the Greek monarchy. The Greek government has notified the king that a cruiser and several warships will provide an escort. The family had planned to travel via Brindisi, due to Queen Sophie's health, but this has been changed to the King and his family taking an ordinary train from Lucerne to Venice. Crown Prince George will leave Roumania on a Greek cruiser and will "meet his father's ship on the high seas and will be transferred to it."
King Constantine will arrive in Greece on December 19. "Colossal and costly preparations are being made" to welcome the king and the royal family back to Greece.
Queen Sophie has said that she "will revive the court" and again work with with children who suffer from tuberculosis. She also intends to introduce the study of the English language.

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