Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Court Circular report

December 16, 1833. The Duchess of Kent "entertained a party" today at her apartment in Kensington Palace.

December 16, 1846. The Queen and Prince Albert today took their "usual early walk" in the grounds at Osborne House. Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales, Prince Alfred, the Princess Royal and the Princess Alice today "took airings in the walks and rides of Osborne-house."

December 16, 1908. "The King went out just before noon in a motor brougham, driving as far as Newhaven and Seaford, and returning to Hove for luncheon. The weather [is] like an early spring. At Seaford, the King alighted from the brougham, and went for a brisk walk along the esplanade. There were very few people about, but the King stopped and chatted with some children who were at play. The early part of the afternoon was gloriously fine and the view over the sea was remarkably clear. Heavy clouds gathered about 4 o'clock, however, and His Majesty did not go out again."

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