Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Constantine still awaits official call

December 9, 1920

The strain is beginning to show as King Constantine of the Hellenes awaits the official telegram from the Greek premier informing him that he had been chosen to run Greece in the recent plebiscite. The King's departure "will be deferred proportionately" to the delay in receiving the official election returns.
The king has not yet ordered the special train that will take him back to Athens. As the Swiss government requires five days notice for the King's departure, it is believed that Constantine and his family will not leave for Greece until next Tuesday or Wednesday.
Queen Sophie, for one, is looking forward to having a home once more, after spending the past three years living in hotels. Today, the King remained inside due to the inclement weather, reading, and playing solitaire, but also keeping up with the latest news from Greece "so he will be able to take the duties he relinquished when the Allies requested him to leave Athens."

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