Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grand Duchess sails for Europe

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 December 16, 1924 

 Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna, "looking much better in health and spirits than she did on her arrival in New York ten days ago," sailed today for home on board the France. She will return to Coburg to rejoin her husband, Grand Duke Kirill, and their children. 

She told reporters that she believed that different Russian factions will unite to "oust the Soviet government when the time is ripe." She also said that she believed that her husband's proclamation as head of the Russian throne "would be regarded in a favorable light" when the monarchy is restored "sometime in the future." 

The Grand Duchess, who is a British princess by birth, met with reporters in her suite on the C deck, denied that she had collected funds for Russian relief during her stay in the States. "I found American society most charming and cordial," she said in a response to a question about her visit. "Everyone received me so kindly." But when she was asked if Russians who live in the States are supportive of restoring the monarchy, she replied: "That is a political matter, and I do not care to comment upon the subject." 

She added: "I will go to Paris and be there for several days before I leave for Coburg to rejoin my family. This is my first visit to America, and I have enjoyed it very much. I hope to come here again someday, but I cannot say when that may be." Before sailing, the Grand Duchess presented "an appreciation portrait" to the four detectives of the bomb squad who had guarded her during her visit here. She wore a "plain dark blue traveling suit with a sable coat, pearl earrings, a rare pearl set in a massive ring on her left hand, and two flowers, a yellow and tan orchid and a large pink rose." She also hosted "an informal reception" for the American and Russian friends who came to see her off.

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