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Sophie de Roumanie's photographs on view: A royal art show in Dubai

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Sheik Rashid Bin Khalifa, a member of Bahrain's royal family,  and Baron Henri Estramant  are the co-organizers of Convergence, an exhibition of artworks by royals.

Convergence, according to the official press release, is an "exhibition that brings together for the first time in the history of art, an exceptional mix of royal and princely artists from around the world celebrating contemporary art in the City of Dubai.

Featuring a plethora of paintings, sculptures, jewellery designs and musical performances, Convergence considers global interchange in modern and contemporary art by providing a firsthand view at the work of twenty-first century royal and princely artists’ across disciplines who have proven professional record and international recognition.

This exceptional exhibition amongst these artists whose own histories are deeply intertwined with rich stories are the product of their unique personalities and circumstances, serving as examples of the magic that befalls when individuals put their passions and ideals into practice. It shall demonstrate how their work is the product of multi-directional global dialogues between their cosmopolitan cultural heritages as well as their colloquy with major art movements of their time and countries of origin.
@Sophie de Roumanie

@Sophie de Roumanie

Convergence demonstrates the passion and vision, that continuously illuminate the possibilities that these artists have to offer not simply as patrons of the arts but as actors themselves: thereby enhancing the viewer’s understanding of modern-day royalty, in exhibition form – a topic that has been underrepresented in the artistic historical discourse."

The exhibition features the work (photography, painting, fashion design) of more than 20 European, Asian and Middle east royals.  "Royal Bridges showcases the world," says Baron Estramant.

One of the artists whose work will be on display at the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai is HRH Princess Sophie of Romania, a professional photographer known as Sophie de Roumanie.

Sophie "picked up her camera again in 2000. Her first trip to Brittany, France, amazed her with its photographic possibilities. This area, on the European side of the North Atlantic, became her photographic playground. By 2007, Princess Sophie and her daughter were living there permanently.

The guidance of mentor Terence O’Donnell, a British artist and retired professional photographer specialized in war reportage settled in France, encouraged her to make photography her profession. She has since won recognition internationally as a photographic artist.

Princess Sophie uses her camera as a way to express herself, as a means to translate and convey the emotions she feels from any given scene. How various slants of light interact with the ocean, the coastal cliffs and rocks, the built environment of centuries- old churches, stone buildings, lighthouses — these particularly move the artist in her, as do the lush, ancient forests in which Brittany abounds.

Her fervent defense of the natural and man-made environment has led her to become Honorary President, Ambassador, and an active member of “Phare en Cap,” which promotes and safeguards the Breton maritime heritage of the Cap Sizun, denominated a “Grand Site de France”, and the Pointe Du Millier in particular.

The exhibition will take place on November 29.  On the following evening, there will be a gala event and an auction of the works of art.  The auction is being run by Christie's.

Other royals whose art will be on display include HRH The Duchess of Württemberg,  Count Bertram zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (a descendant of Queen Victoria),   Dowager Princess of Tirnovo,  Princess Lelli of Orleans and Braganza.

HRH Princess Sophie, the fourth of five daughters of King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania, lives in France with her daughter, Elisabeta.

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