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Cornelia Scott marries Belgian prince

November 26, 1936

Mrs. Cornelia Evelyn Paumier Scott of Philadelphia and Prince Henri de Ligne, were married today at St. Mary's Church in London, reports the New York Times.

A papal blessing was "bestowed" on the newlyweds.    Prince Henri of Croy is a retired Belgian Army officer.

Baron Emil de Cartier de Marchienne, Belgium's ambassador to the Court of St. James, was a witness to the ceremony, and afterward, hosted a wedding breakfast for the couple at the embassy.

The new Princess Henri of Croy is the widow of W. Carpenter Scott, an American businessman.   Ambassador de Marchienne was a close friend of her late husband and Prince Henri, who lived for some time in Washington, D.C.

The bride wore a "brown and gold costume with a collar of antique Flemish lace."

The wedding was officiated by Dr. William J. Anderson, the senior priest at St. Mary's.  Rev. Father Thurston, head of the Jesuit Order in England, gave the bride away.

The nuptial mass took place earlier today at Farm Street Church.

This is the first marriage for the 76 year old Prince Henri, who is the third of seven child of the late Prince Juste of Croy and Countess Marie d'Ursel.

Cornelia Paumier was born on October 4, 1877 at Jersey City, New Jersey.

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