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Grand Duke Nicholas marries divorced woman

November 26, 1906

Although no one will confirm nor deny the report from St. Petersburg, it is understood that Grand Duke Nicholas Nicolaievitch of Russia has married Anastasia, Duchess of Leuchtenberg.

The marriage between Grand Duke Nicholas, a cousin of Nicholas II, and the former wife of  Prince George Romanovsky, 6th Duke of Leuchtenberg, took place yesterday. according to the New York Times.  

The Duke and Duchess of Leuchtenberg's separation has been "common knowledge," but there has been no official announcement of their divorce.  The Duke is now living abroad, and has made a morganatic marriage.

Grand Duke Nicholas celebrated his 50th birthday on November 18.  He is the eldest son of the late Grand Duke Nicholas Nicolaievich, sixth child of Emperor Nicholas I and his wife, Duchess Alexandra of Oldenburg.

The new Grand Duchess was born Princess Anastasia of Montenegro on June 4, 1868,  third child of Prince Nikola of Montenegro.   On August 28, 1889,  Princess Anastasia married Prince George Maximilianovich of Leuchtenberg, the youngest son of Maximilian de Beauharnais, 3rd Duke of Leuchtenberg and Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaievna of Russia, daughter of Nicholas I.   The marriage between the Duke of Leuchtenberg and Grand Duchess Maria was deemed as equal, and their children were members of the Russian Imperial family.

Anastasia was the Duke's second wife.  His first wife, Duchess Theresa of Oldenburg, a granddaughter of Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna of Russia, died in 1883.   The new Duchess of Leuchtenberg became the stepmother to George's son, Prince Alexander, eight years old at the time of his father's second marriage.   The couple had two children of their own: Prince Sergei, 16, and fourteen-year-old Princess Elena.   

The new Grand Duchess Anastasia's older sister,  Militza, is married to Grand Duke Nicholas' younger brother, Grand Duke Peter.

Only a few months ago it was reported that Grand Duke Nicholas would marry, Grand Duchess Elisabeth, the widow of Grand Duke Sergei.

[Note:  this report was premature.  Anastasia's divorce from the duke of Leuchtenberg took place on November 16, 1906), but her second marriage was celebrated in April 1907.]

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