Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Queen Marie to be gagged

November 9, 1926

Queen Marie of Romania's meetings with the press will now be supervised by a representative of Romania's Prime Minister, reports the Associated Press, aboard the queen's train en route to Denver.

Mr. Nicolas Petrescu announced today that "in view of the political situation at home and the government's injunction" against the Queen's granting of interviews, he will attend all future press conferences.

Mr. Petescru, a member of the People's party, now in power, points out that Marie is not required by Romanian to "swear to uphold the country's constitution" and cannot be held "responsible for her declarations."   He hops to persuade the queen against making statements which "might complicate political matters at home."

This arrangement was after Marie's meeting yesterday with members of the press about the "working of the Romanian political parties."  She confined her discussion to Parliament, the political parties and the "constitutional power of the King."

The Queen also likes the "taste of an American cigarette."  During an visit to Seattle during the weekend, she had a cigarette between her lips, when  she saw a "No Smoking sign  at a county dairy association.  She "promptly dropped the cigarette and snuffed it with her heel."

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