Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Family say Wallis expects to marry King

November 16, 1936

Mrs. Wallis Simpson "firmly expects" to marry King Edward VIII, reports the Chicago Tribune.   The "vivacious divorcee's Baltimore relatives have "admitted that Wally has confided her hopes to them.  She wants to assure her family that she is "not guilty of carrying on an inconsidered romantic intrigue."

For weeks now, Mrs. Simpson's American relatives have not commented on reports that "King Edward had virtually suggested that she becomes his consort queen," but now with the "constant discussion" about their relationship, the family members feel that they should confirm the facts.

According to the family members, Mrs. Simpson has not used the words bride or queen in her conversations with them, but the meaning was "clear and unmistakable."  She has no need to conceal her relationship with the man she calls "Edward," without the use of his title.

"The situation can only be interpreted in one way.  Whether she is married or not, of course, is a question that cannot yet be answered -- even in this country, when engagements are made involving comparatively simple problems, couples sometimes break it off."

Another relative told the reporter about a letter she recently received from Mrs. Simpson, who wrote "Only the stupid can't see what I know."  This relative hopes that "Wally, despite all the difficulties before her, will have her wish and find happiness."


Cheryl Ciucevich said...

But she called him David, not Edward. Just how "close" was this "relative"?

Gammyjill said...

I wondered the same thing, Cheryl!