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Carol opposed by father

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 November 30, 1926

King Ferdinand of Romania has made it clear that he is strongly opposed to the "return of former Crown Prince Carol," or a change to the law of succession, reports the Associated Press.

The king has made this declaration in a letter sent to Premier Averesch, and was published in the Official Gazette.

"I have been greatly moved by the sympathy and affection shown me on all sides regarding my health , but at the same time I see with real grief that some persons have taken advantage of the circumstances to bring into the discussion the principles which form the dynastic basis of the constitutional monarchy and which do not permit the fate of the crown to be left to the changeable will of any persons."

King Ferdinand also referenced his predecessor, King Carol, and the love "he himself has for his country."    He also hoped that his subjects know that he knows how to sacrifice "his personal relations in the interest of the country.   As King, Ferdinand has put "an end to the unfortunate waywardness and weakness of a beloved child."

The king ended his letter stating that he will be aided by "good Roumanians and his regular counselors, who know how to bind together the national strength to fortify the throne and impose respect for the decisions and acts accomplished in accord with the laws and supreme interests of the monarchy and state."

Queen Marie arrived earlier today in Cherbourg, "anxious over the king and doubtless concerned over the dynastic problem, but happy in the results of her American trip."  She and her two children, Princess Ileana and Prince Nicholas, traveled on the Berengaria.  Due to stormy weather, the ship was delayed several hours.

The king is said to be in a "serious condition," but not in "immediate danger of death.   Queen Marie will remain in Paris for several days, and has plans to see her eldest son. She is expected to convey to her son that there will be no turning back in Carol's "reported aspirations to withdraw his renunciation of the throne."

Marie is also resolved to use all her "great influence" in regards to the present succession arrangement for her grandson, Prince Michael's succession with a regency.

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