Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Edward plans engagement before Coronation

November 9, 1936

King Edward VIII is planning to announce his engagement to Mrs. Wallis Simpson before his Coronation in May, according to an exclusive report in the Los Angeles Times.

His plan, which will be "carefully arranged with regard to the sensibilities of his millions of subjects, will include a "careful check on the reactions of both peers and commoners."

If the British public raises "a hue and cry" at the prospect of an American queen-consort on the throne, they will have plenty of time to disapprove before the king is formally crowned.

But will the king "repudiate Mrs. Simpson" if the public disapproves, or will he "cling to her and toss away the throne?"  These are the questions that have "agitated many in court circles."

Mrs. Simpson's divorce from her second husband, Ernest A. Simpson, will become final on April 27.  Their decree nisi was granted on October 26.

It is understood that the king will await the "expiration of the six months' interval required to make the divorce absolute" before he "officially proclaims that she is the choice if his heart."

This expected announcement will give the House of Lords and the "august clergy" of the Church of England to voice their opposition of that is their wish.

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