Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Duke and Duchess of Windsor find Britain "still cool"

November 9, 1946

The Duke of Windsor is not "going around cap in hand, asking for a job," reports the New York Times.  The Duke and Duchess ended their first visit to England since his abdication to the throne.

He came to London with "high hopes" that "his offer to serve his country" would be accepted by the new Socialist government.   But it was made clear that there would be no offer, nor would his wife would be received by his family.

He also did not fare well with "his hopes of having the Duchess admitted into royal and noble circles."  It was "significant" that when Viscount Mountbatten of Burma's daughter,  got married last week,  the Prince of Wales, who was Lord Mountbatten's best man, did not receive an invitation to the wedding.   The Duke visited his brother, King George VI, and dined with him at Buckingham Palace.  That night, while the Duke was at the palace, his wife was robbed of $100,000 worth of jewelry."  She had not been invited to the dinner.

The Duke did not meet with his mother, Queen Mary, or with his sister-in-law, Queen Elizabeth. Although court officials would not admit it,  "pressure was being exercised" to exclude the Duchess of Windsor.   Others have freely expressed their opposition to the duchess.   Most of the opposition has come from women, who are adamant "against bending to the knee to the Duchess and addressing her as 'Your Royal Highness."  They use 'Your Grace,' reluctantly.

The Duke and Duchess left England aboard the Queen Elizabeth, "knowing that the doors are bolted and barred against them."

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