Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Edward quarrels with Duchess of York

November 22, 1936

There is a growing rift between King Edward VIII and his sister-in-law, the Duchess of York over his insistence that his "family accept his friendship for Mrs. Wallis Simpson," reports the Los Angeles Times.

In an exclusive dispatch, the Times reports that a "close friend disclosed" tonight that the Duchess -- who would become Queen if Edward abdicates '' "tried to snub Edward's vivacious American friend."  In turn, the King snubbed the Duchess.

The Duke and Duchess of York were giving a "dinner party for a small circle of friends," and they asked the King to join them.  He telephone and asked if he could bring Mrs. Simpson with him.  The Duchess refused his request, "firmly declaring that she could not possibly manage another guest."

She said that it would "disrupt all her arrangements," and she would not "oblige Mrs. Simpson."  The King replied that he would not attend the dinner, either.  Instead, the king and Mrs. Simpson with to a "motion-picture theater," paying $2.00 a piece for the seats.

The situation between the King and his family is seen as unpleasant, and members of the royal family are concerned about Mrs. Simpson's influence over the King.  Edward has decided to host a separate Christmas party at Fort Belvedere, and has not invited his family.

Now that the British newspapers are free to report about the romance,  the papers are "getting bolder in their campaign to boos Edward and his possible marriage to Mrs. Simpson."

The Sunday Referee's front page stated that the King can "marry any commoner, thereby raising her to royal status."   The Sunday Graphic devoted three columns to "emphasize" that Edward is "the right man for the job because he knows how to meet common people."

In his column in the Sunday Dispatch,  Lord Donegal is convinced that the King has "every young Briton 100 percent behind him in whatever he does."

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Lisa said...

" The Duchess refused his request, "firmly declaring that she could not possibly manage another guest".

That is a very diplomatic way of saying "no". I must use this one day.

What are your thoughts on Prince Harry, his American girlfriend, and that rather unusual announcement from Kensington Palace? I was rather surprised that you didn't post on the matter.