Monday, November 28, 2016

Princess being prepared to succeed uncle

November 28, 1936

A "fair-haired, rather plain little girl," just ten years old, is being "trained to be Queen Elizabeth II," reports United Press.   The little girl in question is Princess Elizabeth of York, niece of King Edward VIII, and second in line to the British throne.

When Edward is crowned in Westminster Abbey on May 12, 1937,  Princess Elizabeth will be present.  One day, she may have the leading role.

She will wear a "short crimson robe," over her "knee-length frock, but as she is a minor, she will not wear a coronet.   Her six-year-old sister, Princess Margaret, will be too young to attend the ceremony.

If King Edward does not marry or marries and does not have children, his brother the Duke of York, will succeed him,  and Elizabeth will succeed her father, unless, of course, the Duchess of York gives birth to a son, who will take precedence over his older sisters, and become second in line to the throne.

The King is unlikely to marry, and the Duchess of York is unlikely to have another child, as Princess Margaret Rose was born by Caesarean section.

The young Princess Elizabeth is said to be aware of "this probability," and is being "carefully trained" by her mother, and her grandmother, Queen Mary.

Her lessons are "comparatively light," but in due course, there will be "many things she must learn.  The young princess is "just an ordinary girl, who enjoys skipping rope, playing hopscotch or climbing trees.

HRH Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born April 26, 1926 at her mother's parents' London home.  She was soon the "the Empire's sweetheart."

But if her uncle marries, and has a child,  Elizabeth's position as a heiress presumptive will cease, and she will be able to have a more private life as she grows up.

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