Wednesday, November 9, 2016

reports that Otto will marry Maria

November 9, 1936

Baron Friedrich von Wiesner, a monarchist leader, said today in an interview that the "Italian policy conforms to the Monarchist plans," reports the Associated Press.  "An Italo-Austrian agreement promises full Austrian independence and Mussolini, therefore, believes restoration entirely an internal Austrian affair in which Chancellor Kurt Schuschnuigg is primarily concerned."

The Baron was referring to reports of an engagement between Princess Maria of Italy and Archduke Otto of Austria, heir to the defunct Austrian throne.   On November 1, Mussolini spoke about the countries that border Italy.  This was seen as "bearing upon an announcement of an engagement of Princess Maria and Otto."

Mussolini said "there will perhaps come soon a solemn occasion in which the sentiments of the Italian people will find public, glamorous manifestation."

Princess Maria will celebrate her 22nd birthday on December 26.  She is an "excellent dancer," and joys swimming and skiing.  Archduke Otto will be 24 on November 20.  He is the eldest son of the late Emperor Karl and Empress Zita.  He and his family live in exile in Belgium.

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