Friday, November 11, 2016

Mrs. Simpson dines with Mary

November 11, 1936

The Los Angeles Times is reporting "Sources close to the throne said tonight that Queen Mary, mother of King Edward, had dined this week with his American friend, Mrs. Ernest (Wally) Simpson, at Marlborough House."

The invitation came from Queen Mary.

Mary's invitation, according to the report, was "tantamount to a command,  and not prompted by "a desire for friendship," but rather a desire to have a "heart-to-heart talk as a woman to woman over her son's friendship" with Mrs. Simpson.

This friendship has created an "uproar outside of England," which is now the "repercussions are threatening at home."

What was said between the two women is not known, but it has not caused any "difference in the friendship" between the King and Mrs. Simpson.

British insurance brokers are doing a "brisk business in policies" in case the king's Coronation next May is postponed.  This is due to the rumors that the King plans to marry Mrs. Simpson.

There is a new special 8 percent insurance for the first time against the postponement of the Coronation for "reasons other than the death of a member of the royal family, the King's illness or war."

Many believe King Edward VIII is determined to marry Mrs. Simpson in "spite of all opposition," or a possible abdication.

[Note:  Queen Mary never dined with Mrs. Simpson.  Edward asked his mother to meet with Wallis, but she declined his request.]

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