Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lady Nicholas Windsor and Tatler

At lunch, I picked up the latest issue of Tatler -- January -- at a local bookstore.  Lady Nicholas Windsor, with the byline Paola Windsor, writes about the late Catherine Walker, the French-born designer who dressed Diana, Princess of Wales, Lady Helen Taylor (designed her wedding gown), Lady Linley and Lady Ella Windsor ... as well as Lady Nicholas Windsor. 
Although the article is largely about the late designer,  Lady Nicholas does include a bit of family information. 
Lord and Lady Nicholas and their two sons are living in Italy.  "Since we live in rural Umbria, as far from the madding crowd as it is possible to be and still be in Europe -- we literally have sheep and a shepherd living in our olive grove of a garden ... We live near Rome, but obviously my husband remains very British, so we came home recently for the Pope's visit to the UK.  We had the great fortune to greet him twice at Holyrood and again in Birmingham.  As Catholics, and especially as my husband is a convert, it felt as if the two ends of our lives were joining up -- our Queen and our Pope."

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