Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Martha Louise's use of her title causing controversy

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Princess Martha Louise welcomed her new boyfriend, Shaman Durek, to Oslo earlier today.

The couple, who announced their relationship on Instagram on Sunday, are planning a series of talks in Norway.  The lecture series is entitled The Princess and the Shaman.


One newspaper editor,Vebjørn Selbekk, told the Norwegian broadcasting company, NRK: "the ways of love are unapproachable and, in the first place, believe that Märtha Louise must be with just who she wants."

 It is the commercial aspect he responds to: "It is the commercial, newcomer collaboration with this shaman that I think is worthy of criticism. You use the princess title for everything it is worth."

He added:" She uses raw the fact that she is royal. It pulls down the monarchy. You use the royal affiliation in a commercial way. We must be aware that there are no other royalty in the whole world running the princess Märtha Louise."

NRK was told that the Princess does not want to talk about her boyfriend or the lecture.  The Palace's Communication Chief, Guri Varpe did release a statement to the media:
"When Princess Märtha Louise resigned from the title Her Royal Highness, she created a greater distance to the Royal House's constitutional role. This decision facilitated the princess's ability to enter the labor market and to conduct her own business activities. As a result of the decision, the princess from 2002 has, to a much lesser extent, previously undertaken official duties on behalf of the King's House, and has not received an appanage since 2001. She decides herself on the princess's business activities."

King Harald was asked about his daughter's new romance.  He said that he has not yet met the Shaman, but is happy Martha Louise has a new boyfriend.

Shaman Durek's real name is Derek David Verrett.


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Lisa said...

To be honest this guy sounds kooky but imo so is the Princess' beliefs. So they seem to be perfect for each other. I wish her much happiness!

Unknown said...

I agree with the writer about the commercial aspect. OK, she's not H.R.H. She doesn't receive a pension. BUT Average Joe isn't going to know that, and will buy a ticket (perhaps) based on seeing/breathing the same air as, "HRH" Princess Martha Louise of the Kingdom of Norway. So in that respect yes, it is a commercial use of her status and title