Friday, May 3, 2019

They are Coming!!

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 May 5, 1939

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are making final preparations for their departure tomorrow on their "precedent-breaking journey to Canada and the United States."

The King will be the first reigning sovereign to visit one of the dominions or the United States.  He spent today at Buckingham Palace, "signing state papers, receiving the Prime Minister Chamberlain and dining formally with a few of their majesties' closest relatives."

A Council of State to "rule in his absence" has been appointed.

The Empress of Australia has already left for Canada with twenty large wardrobe trunks filled with the Queen's "crinoline gowns and 50 uniforms for the King," as well as 80 other pieces of luggage.

The King and Queen will sail from Portsmouth at 3 p.m, and are scheduled to arrive in Quebec on May 15.   They will travel through Canada to the the Pacific Coast and back to Niagara Falls, where they will enter the US for a four days visit to Washington, New York City and Hyde Park.

The royal tour will last for six weeks.

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