Friday, May 3, 2019

King George gets a few visitors

May 5, 1929

King George V had several visitors today at Craigwell House in Bognor, where he is recuperating.  His younger sister, Queen Maud of Norway. who was accompanied by her son, Crown Prince Olav and his new wife, Princess Martha, arrived by motor car.

The Queen and her family spent several hours with the King, according to the Associated Press.

It was also revealed that the King "went for his first drive" since becoming ill earlier this month.   He was accompanied by Queen Mary and traveled to Goodwood Park.  He was out for "little more than an hour."

He also went out for a drive yesterday with the Queen and Sir Charles Cust and Lady Cynthia Colville.  The king "bowed to several persons who recognized him" but most did not recognize that he was in the car.  He was described as looking "remarkably fit and well."

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