Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Martha says she will live with the Shaman

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 Princess Martha Louise was recently interviewed by Svensk Damtidning, a Swedish newspaper.

She told the reporter:  "Durek is my twin soul.  When I met him it felt like I had come home.  Our souls knew each other."  The princess said that she and Shaman Durek (Derek Verrett) have many interests in common.

They are now on a lecture tour in Norway.  The princess said that she "definitely can imagine living with Durek."

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 At the lecture in Stavanger, the princess lashed out at the press' coverage of her new relationship.

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 "You have a choice about what you write and who you are. Would you be comfortable with your whole life out there in the press? Will it be OK for you? Although it is your job and I respect it, you have a choice. A choice to have empathy and compassion," she said.

Martha Louise's younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon, spoke to Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, about her title.

It is so that we follow what is said and written. What we want is to have a dialog with my sister, especially about what goes on titling and business activity, he told NRK .  "The Royal Family has a good cooperative relationship with the media. The press does an important job in Norwegian society."

Guri Varpe, the Palace's Communications Manager, has stated that the King and others are in talks with the Princess about the use of her title for commercial purposes."

Martha's former husband, Ari Behn, has broken his silence on her new relationship.

"I wish them all the happiness and love they can get."

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Bill said...

"twin souls" the relationship is doomed.