Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Church changes mind, says no to Princess & the Shaman

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 Princess Martha Louise of Norway and her new boyfriend, Shaman Durek, hax expressed disappointment that their program, which was scheduled to take placce on  at St. Petri Church in Stavanger, has now been moved to another venue.

The local bishop has informed the church council that the planned session cannot take place at the church.

Shaman Durek Verrett spoke to a Norwegian television station:  "I am very disappointed because I would very much like to be there and talk to the bishop and people  -- and talk about religion.  Hearing that I cannot speak in God's house because others have heard gossip about me. It's disappointing."

He added that there is a lot of inaccuracy in the media about himself, including reports claiming he can cure cancer.  Verrett stated that advises his clients to talk to their doctors about medical issues.

Princess Martha Louise is also said to be disappointed about the bishop's decision to break the contract.  Approximately 300 ticket were sold for the lecture, which will now held at another Stavanger venue.

Norway's National Day is on May 17th.  Since 2002, Princess Martha Louise has not appeared on the balcony with her parents and brother (and his wife, Mette-Marit.) This is largely due to her status as she relinquished the style of Royal Highness shortly before her marriage to Norwegian writer, Ari Behn.  The marriage was dissolved by divorce in 2017.

The princess no longer official duties.  Her appanage ceased in 2002.  She and her daughters usually are inside the palace watching the celebrations from the joining, usually with King Harald's sister, Princess Astrid.

The Princess and her three daughters usually join her parents and other guests for a private lunch after the celebrations.    NRK's noted royal expert, Kjell Arne Totland, says the lunch is always held in the "beautiful daily dining room."

It is possible that King Harald and Queen Sonja will extend an invitation to the Shaman to join them for lunch.  The guest list is never made public.

Verrett has not yet been introduced to Martha Louise's parents. 

The Royal House's Communication Chief, Guri Varpe, told the VG newspaper that "we never comment on the royal family's private programs."

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