Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A little princess is baptized

Princess Natalija of Serbia, the first born child of Prince Mihailo (Michael) and Princess Ljubica was baptized on May 4 at St. George's, Oplenac, Topola. 

The little princess is nearly 5 months and was born in Belgrade on December 26.

The princess' kum is Milan Sarić, longtime and very dear friend of Prince Mihailo and Princess Ljubica.  A kum is the Serbian Orthodox equivalent of a sponsor or godparent at Protestant or Roman Catholic baptism.   The late King George VI (as Duke of York) was the kum for King Peter II of Yugoslavia.

the copyright for all 3 photos is  Saša Novaković

Thank you to Princess Ljubica for allowing me to use the photos, which were first published on her Instagram account.




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