Friday, May 24, 2013

Upcoming: Saturday's events

About ready to go to bed, after one, having had dinner and drinks with a friend, Art Beeche,

Saturday's events include a Memorial Service at the Sarbona Church, which I will not be going to because I attended the service today.  But after this service, the four coffins will be taken to Oplenac. 

A bus will pick up guests at the two official hotels, the Hyatt and Metropole, for the 90 minute drive to Oplenac, where another Memorial Service will be held.  

This will be followed by lunch at a local restaurant, Aleksandar.  This is a fabulous restaurant, where the food is yummy and the walls are covered in photographs of the Serbian royal family.   A lunch was held here in 2004 as a  part of Crown Prince Alexander's 60th birthday celebrations.

The bus will take us back to our hotels in time to get ready for the dinner at the Royal Palace.  I still need to make a hair appointment!

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